Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria.

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme

We’ll pay you for eligible bottles and cans with a 10¢ refund symbol on the packaging. Find your nearest Drop-off location or learn about our Pickup Service and get paid to recycle.

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Whether you’ve collected 1 or 100,000 eligible containers, Envirobank has high-speed depots, RVMs and Drop’n’Go services around the country. Find your nearest drop-off location.


Create an Envirobank account to book a pickup for your 10¢ recycling. You’ll get the $ and the sustainability stats in your account within two working days of pickup.

What's 100% Clean Recycling?
(and why you should care...)

How it works



Bottles and cans must be clean and have the barcode intact

Recycle Bag123


Return containers to a drop-off location or create an account to book a pickup.



Get paid 10¢ for every eligible container. It’s a tax-free refund.

What can I recycle?

Check for a 10¢ refund symbol

Bottles and cans with a 10¢ refund symbol can be recycled.  They need to be liquid-free, uncrushed and barcode intact. Lids can stay on in VIC. Wine and spirits aren’t part of the scheme, except in Queensland.

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For large organisations

Does your organisation (business, school, club or community group) require, regular pickups of more than 5,000 containers, equipment rental services or information about fundraising? Get in touch by filling out the form below.