Can bottle

Who knew recycling could be so rewarding?

We did. We’ve been rewarding recyclers just like you for 10 years now. And with Container Deposit Schemes firing up around the country, we’re on a mission to reward even more people for doing the right thing.

How does this recycling for rewards thing work?

It’s easy. To help keep litter off the streets and waste out of landfill, the companies that bottle a whole bunch of beverages offer a 10 cent refund for the recovery of their containers. At Envirobank, we collect the containers and reward you with the refund. Not bad, eh?

Bank cash and credit when you recycle.

Crunch is our awesome rewards program. When you recycle with Envirobank, you can earn credit towards a bunch of cool stuff. There’s everything from movie tickets to iTunes vouchers and gift cards for your favourite retailers to choose from. But want to know the best bit? Sometimes Crunch credits are worth more than the 10c refund!

Surf Life Saving NSW

Envirobank mobile collections.

Australia’s pretty huge. And we at Envirobank, strongly believe that everyone should be given the chance to claim to their 10c refunds. So we set up our mobile collection service.

Operating in a fast-growing list of surf clubs across New South Wales, for a few hours on a scheduled weekend, Envirobank pops-up in a temporary location and invites the community to trade in their eligible containers.

See the South Coast collection schedule
See the Central Coast collection schedule
See the North Coast collection schedule

Got a group you’re trying to engage? We can help.

Recycling with Envirobank isn’t just for individuals. We offer affordable, interactive and engaging recycling solutions that can help you attract customers, motivate members, engage residents and raise money for your community group.

Visionaries, revolutionaries and a couple of greenies.

At Envirobank, we’re on a mission to get more people recycling by making it worth their while. We’ve invested in some amazing recycling tech, hired a bunch of clever people, and are working hard to build a new recycling movement around the country’s cash for containers schemes.