Find a recycling location near you.

Pop-up collections:
  • Scheduled collections in pop-up locations
  •   In partnership with Surf Life Saving
  • Payment options: Crunch (retail vouchers and EFT), EFT


  • Ideal for bulk deposits
  • Payment options: Cash, Crunch (retail vouchers and EFT), EFT
RVM (Reverse Vending Machine):
  • Ideal for small deposits
  • Payment options: Crunch (retail vouchers and EFT)

Cash-in the convenient way: with Drop’n’Go.

It’s as simple as that. Drop (your bags of eligible bottles and cans) and Go. We’ll do the rest, and within 7 days of your containers being counted and processed, your refunds will appear in your Crunch account, for you to cash-out or spend as you wish.

Drop’n’Go smart pods can be found outside select Coles supermarkets, and other convenient locations across Queensland; so savvy recyclers, like you, can cash-in without queueing up or waiting around.

No bags left at the pod? Check our list of bag stockists, so you don’t have to leave empty-handed. Or alternatively use your own bags and apply a QR sticker to each bag deposited – learn more here.

Envirobank makes recycling easy.


The easiest way to return your bottles and cans. All types of CDL eligible containers are accepted.

Pop-up Collections

Scheduled collections in pop-up locations. All types of CDL eligible containers are accepted.


Ideal for small deposits. Eligible plastic bottles and aluminium cans are accepted.

Make the most out of recycling with Envirobank.

Through Envirobank’s rewards program, Crunch, you can access extra tips and tricks for recycling at our depots, RVMs and mobile collections. You can also track your environmental impact and treat yourself to loads of rewards.