Let’s commit to zero-waste together.

It’s our collective responsibility

Recycling isn’t just a personal duty, it’s a shared societal obligation that belongs to all of us and makes us accountable for the land we call home. We all have the power to make a difference, but achieving a zero-waste world is no mean feat, that’s why we believe big dreams require collaboration.

Use our Drop-off or Pickup Services to start 100% Clean Recycling – this is getting paid to recycle.



Collect eligible bottles and cans and we’ll provide everything you need to get going.

Recycle Bag123


Return containers to a drop-off location or create an account to book a pickup.



Get paid 10¢ for every container you recycle for your school, business, organisation or community. It’s a tax-free refund.

Promote a zero-waste culture with 100% Clean Recycling.

Reduce your footprint

Foster resource recovery and reduce carbon emissions

Implementing a 100% Clean Recycling plan for your business, school or organisation is a demonstration of your commitment to sustainability and ESG goals, while also reducing waste management costs. By recycling 1,000 bottles and cans with us, you can save 66kg of material resource from ending up in landfill.


Double your impact by giving back

Encourage your community to be good stewards of the planet by using recycling as a way to raise funds for an organisational, environmental or social cause. Through the collective effort of recycling together, refunds can be be pooled together to reach a fundraising goal.

Sustainability reporting

View your environmental impact

We provide insights such as the number of containers recycled per collection and sustainability statistics including carbon emissions avoided, water and energy savings and landfill diversion.

Partner with us

We are proudly Indigenous-owned

Founded by Narelle Anderson, a proud Jagera woman, Envirobank is Supply Nation registered, NSWICC assured and Kinaway certified. There’s no better way to Care for Country than by partnering with a business that represents our country’s First Nations people.

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