Frequently asked questions

Got a question about recycling? Head to our Help and FAQs section below.


Service fee: We’ll pay you 10¢ for every eligible container. From your collection, we deduct a service fee of 3¢ per container and pay you into your account. You can book when you have between 250 - 5,000 containers.

Fundraising: Create an account for your school, club or organisation to start using our Pickup Service and get paid to recycle or donate your refunds.

Pickup areas: Find your home, business, school or organisation's suburb below. If you can’t see your suburb on the list, don’t stress, we’ll be there soon. Sign up so we can keep you posted.

Orange bags

Want to use our Orange bags? They’re reusable, they’re biodegradable, and the easiest way to collect and store containers.


Drop'n'Go labels: Order Drop’n’Go bag labels online, or print your labels at home from your account. Keep in mind, when using Drop'n'Go it can take up to seven (7) working days for refunds to be credited to your account. Click 'How to Drop'n'Go' below to learn more.

Find your nearest drop-off location: check opening hours, directions, payment options and more.

Commercial Enquiries

Do you work for a big business or organisation that regularly has 10,000 containers to recycle a month? You may qualify for a Commercial Services Account.

Support and general enquiries

For general enquiries and help with your Envirobank Crunch account, please get in touch via the form below.