We dream about cleaning up our country.

Established in 2008, we’re an Indigenous-owned company that’s committed to achieving positive environmental and social impact by incentivising bottle and can recycling. We operate recycling depots in the NT and focus on remote community recycling services, the Return and Earn Scheme in NSW and the Containers for Change Scheme in QLD.

We make it really easy — and financially rewarding — for people, schools, community groups and businesses to recycle beverage containers using our reverse vending machines, automated depots, smart pods and rewards platform called Crunch.

Our story.

We believe in recycling and we pay you for the good you do. Cash for containers should be accessible to everyone and every container that can be recycled should be recycled. Our innovative technology supports cleaning up the country. Waste is a currency that changes lives and small acts every day can change the planet.

Narelle Anderson

Our founder.

Narelle Anderson is the founder and Managing Director of Envirobank Recycling. An accomplished business leader and a recognised indigenous mentor and speaker, Narelle is passionate about the role recycling can play in cleaning up our environment. A born entrepreneur, Narelle grew an inner-Sydney waste management business, CBD Enviro Services, twenty-fold before selling it to a public company. Narelle then set her sights on rewarding Australia’s recyclers and founded Envirobank. Narelle is a current board member of The Australian Council of Recyclers (ACOR), the peak industry body representing the recycling sector of Australia. She is also a founding board member of the Green Building Council of Australia and a current board member of the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is to accelerate aboriginal entrepreneurship.

'My culture makes me a custodian of the land, so cleaning up the country seems like a natural fit.'

Narelle Anderson

Our People.

Optimistic, committed and united around our mission, Envirobank’s growing team is gearing up to bring the benefits of cash for containers programs to all Australians. Our people are purpose driven and have a deep connection to the communities we serve, and the ancient lands we inhabit. We value diversity, honesty and individuality, and are committed to helping our people grow in their roles and prepare for what’s next.