Recycling with Return and Earn.

Container Deposit Scheme in New South Wales

We’ll pay you for eligible bottles and cans with a 10¢ refund symbol on the packaging. Find your nearest Drop-off location or learn about our Pickup Service and get paid to recycle.

Our Services


Whether you’ve collected 1 or 100,000 eligible containers, Envirobank has high-speed depots, RVMs and Drop’n’Go services around the country. Find your nearest drop-off location.


Create an Envirobank account to book a pickup for your 10¢ recycling. You’ll get the $ and the sustainability stats in your account within two working days of pickup.

What's 100% Clean Recycling? (and why you should care...)

How it works



Bottles and cans must be clean, lids removed and have the barcode intact.

Recycle Bag123


Return containers to a drop-off location or create an account to book a pickup.



Get paid 10¢ for every eligible container. It’s a tax-free refund.

What can I recycle?

Check for a 10¢ refund symbol

Bottles and cans with a 10¢ refund symbol can be recycled. They need to be liquid-free, uncrushed and barcode intact. Lids can stay on in NSW. Wine and spirits aren’t part of the scheme, except in Queensland.