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Where to recycle

We proudly operate our 100% Clean Recycling services in New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory and Queensland.

Search below to find a Drop-off location near you, or try our Pickup Service.

Drop-off Services

Depot 145 x 145

High-Speed Depot

Tip all your containers into our state-of-the-art sorting machines in one go and get your refunds on the spot. Our friendly depot team will always be on deck to lend a helping hand.

Recycling Kiosk 400 x 400


Register your bags in your account and enjoy the freedom of dropping off your containers – no waiting in a queue. We’ll count the containers and credit your account. You can also Drop’n’Go when you drop off at our pop-up collections.

Drop'ngo 200 x 200

RVM Kiosk

Drop off at a self-serve RVM or Kiosk — scan your member number, insert your containers and get paid into your account. Prep your visit by pre-sorting glass containers for a quicker drop-off.

Pickup Service

Book for your home or business

Can’t drop off? Create an Envirobank account to book a pickup for your 10¢ recycling. We’ll pick it up and pay you for it.

What can I recycle?

Check for a 10¢ refund symbol

Bottles and cans with a 10¢ refund symbol can be recycled. They need to be liquid-free, uncrushed and barcode intact. Wine and spirits aren’t part of the scheme, except in Queensland.

* Lids need to be removed in NT and QLD.