Envirobank and container deposit schemes.

Container deposit schemes typically form part of a state government’s litter-reduction or broader sustainability strategy. Basically, they’re designed to reduce the amount of litter in our neighbourhoods by incentivising people to recycle with a 10-cent refund for every eligible container returned.

At Envirobank, we exist to provide people with access to the container deposit scheme operating in their state. In New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory and Victoria, we operate collection points where people can return their eligible containers for the 10-cent refund payable. We’re also a Scheme operator in the Territory, which means we help manage the Cash for Containers program.

What Envirobank does not do is recycle the containers we collect. We simply collect eligible containers, pay out the refund, and forward the containers on to our recycling partners who ensure they are repurposed.

Envirobank recycling depots.

Our state-of-the-art recycling depots in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory have been designed to deliver on accuracy and efficiency. Featuring the latest sorting technology and machinery, and staffed by a bunch of really friendly folk, we think they do just that. When you visit an Envirobank depot, our staff will help you claim the refund on your eligible containers, no matter how many you turn up with—there’s no limit! We’ll then get you back on the road again as quickly as possible.


How to recycle at a depot
  1. Drive in
  2. Unload
  3. Get paid

Envirobank Drop‘n’Go.

Our Drop’n’Go services are only available to Crunch members and are ideal for moderate quantities of containers. These collection points are usually located near supermarkets, shopping centres and petrol stations making them easy to access while you’re out and about.


How to recycle with Drop’n’Go
  1. Bag your containers
  2. Register your drop off
  3. Get paid

Envirobank pop-up collections.

Pop-up collections are regularly scheduled collection services that are set up for a couple of hours in busy areas, giving the public an opportunity to return small to medium quantities of containers. These collection points typically consist of a tent and some friendly staff who will hand count your containers and issue your refund.


How to recycle at a pop-up collection point
  1. Drop off
  2. Wait while staff count
  3. Get paid

Envirobank RVMs.

Reverse vending machines, or RVM’s, make recycling convenient, efficient and fun. The ultimate in recycling technology, our RVM’s work the opposite way to a traditional vending machine. With an RVM, rather than depositing money and retrieving some kind of sugary treat, you deposit your eligible container and bank the refund. Pretty good, don’t you think?


How to recycle at an RVM
  1. Scan Crunch card
  2. Enter containers
  3. Press green button to finish

Partner with us.

If you’re a member of a club or community group, run a business, or sit on a local Council, we can help you raise money, attract more customers, and reduce litter—all through recycling.