We can do better. Let’s commit to a better way of recycling.

Reward the recyclers!

We think we should do everything we can to get more people recycling, and that includes rewarding your efforts. If incentivising people to recycle will help keep litter off our streets and waste out of landfill, why not do it?

Cash for containers—for all!

Container deposit schemes work. The scheme in South Australia has been working for forty years, while the one in the Northern Territory has been running since 2012. The New South Wales scheme kicked off on 1 December 2017, followed by the Queensland Scheme, which started in December 2018, Western Australia commenced in June 2020 and in 2023, Victoria. Now it’s over to you to join us on our mission to care for country and keep Australia beautiful.

People, unite!

Positive and lasting change only happens when we people work together towards a common goal. No agendas, no politics. Just a bit of good ol’ fashioned unity. So, what do you say? Get on board as we shake things up.

You’re pretty awesome.

I mean, you’re here and you’re reading this. But seriously, you have the power to influence your friends, family and co-workers. Really. Not through chest-beating or grandstanding. Just by doing what you do and recycling the rewarding way. Need help getting started? Get in touch and we’ll help you begin your recycling journey.

Communities rule.

We’re not talking about campfires and Kum BaYah. We’re talking about groups of people that come together to get stuff done. That’s why we love helping community groups clean up up their areas, engage and educate their members about the benefits of recycling, and raise much needed funds.

Innovate or die.

We’re not afraid of technology. Not by a long shot. We get excited about innovative, cutting edge tech and have built our business around some amazing recycling technology. Our depots feature state-of-the-art sorting machinery, our reverse vending machines make returning your containers a breeze and our rewards program, Crunch, would not be possible without some smart tech.

Depo technology

The buck stops with all of us.

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to do the right thing by the environment. That means you and me. It means every level of government, from local councils to state and federal governments. And it means the business community. No excuses, no cop outs. We’re all responsible.

Education is everything.

Education is everything. It empowers people. It leads to new ways of seeing and opens up new opportunities. And it inspires game-changing approaches to the world’s biggest problems. That’s why we’re passionate about educating people about recycling and living a more sustainable life.

Educating recycling

Let the good times roll.

Recycling is our way of looking out for the environment. But we also believe in looking out for each other, which is why you can choose to pay your Crunch credits forward to a few charities that are doing important work.

Non-recyclable, no good.

If you’re making stuff in 2020 that cannot be recycled or repurposed, it is simply not smart business. With the technology at our disposal today there is simply no excuse for maintaining the unsustainable habits of years gone by. And while you may think you don’t have the power to affect change, as consumers our purchasing decisions carry enormous collective weight. So shop local and support sustainable brands.