Video 25/09/2018

Meet the young entrepreneur, cleaning up in her community.

Meet Ruby.

Ruby is 11 years old and is the CEO of her own recycling company, Ruby’s Recycling.

Ruby started her business because she was concerned about the amount of waste being sent to landfill in Australia. She also knew that under the New South Wales Container Deposit Scheme (Return and Earn) she could earn 10 cents for every eligible bottle and can she recycled.

Ruby buys recyclable bottles and cans from her neighbours at 5 cents each (some of her neighbours even give them to her for free!) and then she cashes them in at Envirobank for 10 cents a piece. She donates half her profits to QCCT (Qantas Cabin Crew Team charity) in memory of her godfather, Bernard; and she’s saving the rest so she can buy a puppy!

Impressively, Ruby is consulting with her mum to find ways to expand her service to more streets in her local area. She’s also put together promotional flyers to help spread the word. Ruby’s dream is to get her whole community recycling with Ruby’s Recycling, and of course, to get that puppy!

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And find an Envirobank location near you, to cash-in your containers.