Video 29/11/2018

The Quinn Girls x Envirobank Drop’n’Go

The Quinn Girls just made saving the planet even cooler.

Eleesha and her daughters, Logan, Aleeia and Isla, brought their bottles and cans to recycle at our Drop’n’Go pod. They had so much fun learning about recycling and the fact that their juice bottles were each worth 10 cents! Watch how easy it is to register a drop-off and get rewarded. They even earned enough credits to redeem a gift card for THE ICONIC.

To get started, sign up at and find a Drop’n’Go location near you.

How to Drop’n’Go.

First, take some of Envirobank’s orange collection bags (bags available at these locations), and fill each bag with exactly 50 eligible bottles and cans. Then, go to your local Drop’n’Go pod and follow these steps:

  1. Use your phone to log in to your Crunch account at:
  2. Select your location from the drop-down list
  3. You will then need to link each orange bag to your account by scanning or typing the bag code number/s (attached to the side of the bag is a QR code starting with “DNG”). You can type each number in manually or press the camera icon next to the field which will open up your mobile phone camera, and if held (no need to click) over the QR code it should read the code
  4. Confirm your bag code and/or enter more bag codes, then scroll to the bottom, check the agreement tick box and click “PROCESS”.
  5. Wait for the “All done” message to appear on your phone, then place your bags in the pull down chutes on the side of the pod (make sure your bags are closed!)

You will shortly after receive a confirmation email confirming your deposit and then, within 7 working days, another email confirming the funds have been added to your Crunch account and details of your deposit.

Top-quality scrolling.

Finally, unless you hate the idea of beautiful family photos in spectacular beachy locations with 3 bubbly girls and their lovely mum, all dressed in PERFECTLY coordinated outfits (I mean, who doesn’t love the sound of that?!) then you need to follow @the.quinn.girls on Instagram.
It’s an absolute must.

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It’s National Recycling Week and I’m so proud of my little Recycling Heroes ♻️ 🙌🏼 Showing their entrepreneurial skills and collecting as many bottles and cans as they can, to turn into $$. We teamed up with @theiconicau and recently visited the @envirobank Drop 'n' Go pod to show the girls just how rewarding recycling can be 👌🏼 Envirobank uses crunch -a rewards program where members earn ‘crunch credit’ for every eligible recycled can/bottle. THE BEST PART… this ‘crunch credit’ can be redeemed for vouchers at THE ICONIC and if you sign up to crunch during National Recycling Week, you receive 20% off THE ICONIC 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Hubby can’t get mad at a new outfit when it was bought with recycling credit 🙌🏼 Whoop Check out our stories or Envirobank highlight to see how it all works 👌🏼#THEICONICpartner . . . . . #siblinghoodlove #myview #twiningiswinning #matchymatchy #twining #familymatching #matchingfamily #letsgosomewhere #bestofmom #ig_motherhood #unitedinmotherhood #momswithcameras #momsofinstagram #pixel_kids #childhoodunplugged #magicofchildhood #motherhoodsimplified #motherhoodmoments #inspiremothers #theeverydayproject #letthekids #mywild #justbaby #humansofjoy #raisingmytribe #lovelysquares #thehappynow #mynameismama #darlingmovement

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