Article 09/11/2021

Beat blood cancer: drop a few containers into our depot donation bins

Avatar By Vincey Chan
Help us beat blood cancer: double the value of your recycling and support the Leukaemia Foundation.

Drop a few containers into the Leukaemia Foundation donation bins.

You can now drop a few of your containers into the Leukaemia Foundation donation bins located at each of our Envirobank recycling depots!

When combined, blood cancers are the second most diagnosed cancers in Australia with currently more than 110,000 people in Australia living with either blood cancer or blood disorder today, that is why Envirobank is excited to announce that through the partnership with the Leukaemia Foundation, we have added donation bins at 7 of our depots.

Being Australia’s only national blood cancer charity, the Leukaemia Foundation aim to help cure and conquer all blood cancers and related blood disorders. All containers collected and donated through these bins will go directly to the Leukaemia Foundation and will be used to fund the greatest need in support of people living with blood cancer.

The impact of 800 containers.

By recycling and donating 800 containers to the Leukaemia Foundation you could raise $80.00 which provides the first night of accommodation for a family who has urgently relocated for life-saving treatment with nowhere to stay. With your support, they can stay at a caring Leukaemia Foundation accommodation for as long as they need through treatment.

Our Goal.

Support us in reaching our goal of raising $100,000 worth of recycling for the Leukaemia Foundation!

We also want to see zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035. It’s a bold goal that the Leukaemia Foundation shares with the blood cancer community. Through the simple, every day act of recycling to protect our environment, you’ll be contributing to their work to protect our people.

With you on our side, blood cancer doesn’t stand a chance!

Sign up to Crunch and become a Leukaemia Foundation supporter.

So how can you, your family and friends donate?

Simply come to any of our depots and drop your eligible containers into the donation bins, or you can donate through Crunch if you recycle through our Drop’n’Go or home collections services.

Become a Leukaemia Foundation supporting Crunch member.

You can also choose to become a Leukaemia Foundation supporting Crunch member through your Crunch account preferences. This means, everytime you recycle, your bottles and cans will be automatically donated to the Leukaemia Foundation on your behalf.

So next time you recycle with us, drop a few!

Avatar By Vincey Chan