Recycle and raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Supporting the Leukaemia Foundation by recycling with Envirobank makes good business sense.

We can help your business reduce its environmental impact while also raising much-needed funds for families facing blood cancer. We are proudly committed to raising $100,000 to help the Leukaemia Foundation conquer blood cancer and we need you to help us get there. Get in touch to get the ball rolling!

Recycling and your business.

Want to reduce your business’s carbon footprint while also helping to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation? Of course you do, and we can help.

At Envirobank, we work with businesses in New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Queensland who have taken to recycling under their state’s container deposit scheme to raise extra money for their charitable partners.

By recycling just 10 containers per workday, your business could donate an additional $100 per month to the Leukaemia Foundation. Your wonderful generosity will help every Australian facing blood cancer access the best information, treatments and care they need to not just survive, but also live well. All you need to do is pledge your support.

Why your business should start recycling.


  • Join the fight to conquer blood cancer and help empower the 110,000 Aussies living with blood cancer today.
  • Reduce your business’s carbon footprint.
  • Engage your employees in rewarding initiatives.
  • Promote sustainability to your stakeholders.
  • Contribute to your Corporate Sustainability efforts.
  • Demonstrate your green credentials.

How it works.

Donating containers through your business is easier than you think. 


  1. Order delivery of your equipment to start collecting containers.
  2. Collect eligible containers (Be sure to remove all lids and bottle tops).
  3. Schedule your Envirobank collection when your bins are full and we will pick up your containers.
  4. Donate your refunds to the Leukaemia Foundation, and keep on recycling!

Envirobank will provide your business with recycling bins, take-home Envirobank orange bags and marketing support to get you set up.

Are your containers good to go?

As a general rule, most drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be returned for a refund under your state’s container deposit scheme. Look out for the 10c logo.

Containers should be empty, uncrushed, lid-free and display the refund marking for your state.

Get in touch.

If you’re ready to support Australian families facing blood cancer through recycling, get in touch and our friendly team will be in contact.