Video 16/12/2022

Student recyclers are caring for their planet and future.

We recently caught up with some inspirational student recyclers who had a chat with us about working with Envirobank through their school. These students have been recycling with Envirobank as part of their environmental education at school and have managed to raise a whopping $1,214.40. The funds raised from their recycling efforts go towards better programs and resources for both teachers and students. What’s even better is that these legendary student recyclers’ efforts have saved our planet from consuming 12,571.65L of precious water resources.

Educating recycling

Student recyclers: Raise 10¢ per eligible container for your school

Educational, inspirational and profitable – recycling through container deposit schemes is a great way to raise funds for your school, and get your students participating in the circular economy.

If you’re a teacher, student or on the P&C, we can help your school fundraise for playground equipment, educational resources and extra-curricular programs through recycling. Everyone (whether we like it or not) produces waste… Why not get a new generation of student recyclers to collect together and raise funds for a common goal?

Make the most of your state’s Container Deposit Scheme, and get people associating your school with sustainability. Learn more here.

Meet Rugby our latest recycling legend

Rugby’s got the idea, by just booking a few pickups he’s managed to earn over $1,500!

Book a contactless pickup and get rewarded for recycling. We’ll collect your eligible bottles and cans and pay you while you relax. Whether it’s at home or your workplace, sign into your Envirobank Crunch account, book a pickup and get paid while you put your feet up.

Watch the video here.