Article 14/03/2023

How to Tie an Envirobank Orange bag

By Luka Osborne

Hey legend! So you’ve decided to collect your eligible bottles and cans, that’s awesome, but you’re going to need somewhere to put the goods, let me suggest Envirobank’s own Orange Bags. We’ve specially designed durable, eco-friendly and – may we say stylish – bags to collect your 10c eligible bottles and cans.

Envirobank’s Orange bags are a perfect way to store and transport your eligible containers. Let’s check out a couple of tying tips.

Our bags are big enough to store up to 50 containers and are equipt with a QR code and a drawstring for your convenience. Oh, and the best bit, we replenish your stock after each collection when you use our pickup service. Let’s take a look at a couple of tying tricks to make life easier.

Get Envirobank Orange bags.

Order online
Our Orange bags are available to order from our online store. You can grab bags in packs of 10, 25 or 50. Head here to get them delivered to you or if you’re in Brisbane, you can pick them up from our Banyo High-Speed Depot.

Collect them from our High-Speed Depots
You can also buy a pack of Orange bags next time you visit us at our High-Speed Depots, or you’ll find a basket of used Orange bags that you can take for free. They run out quickly though on a daily basis, so first-come-first-serve.

Fill ‘er up.

Envirobank Orange bags can hold roughly 50 containers, make sure cans are uncrushed and lids are removed (unless you’re in NSW).

Pull the drawstring.

Just like your favourite sports shorts, hold the top and pull the string until secure.


Your bags need to be secure for their pickup or drop-off, so we recommend one of two options:

Tie it

This is the obvious one. Tie a single knot around the neck of the bag and pull tight. This makes it easy enough for our team to undo so that we don’t need to cut the knot open and destroy the drawstring.

Tying an Envirobank bag

Use a can ring tab

If you’re feeling tricky, instead of tying the bag, remove a tab from a can and feed the cable through the round bit. Pull it all the way until it’s tight and secure. This is the way that is favoured by our team to quickly undo your bags for processing so that they’re reusable again.

Tying an Envirobank bag

Book a Pickup.

Once you have a minimum of 250 bottles and cans you can log in to Crunch Rewards to make a booking.

  1. Book: Login to Crunch Rewards and select the pickup option then choose the date and time that suits you. Enter your details, including your address and the number of Orange bags you have. Our team will take care of the rest.
  2. Recycle: Put your eligible bottles and cans in a safe place for us to collect on your chosen day. 
  3. Earn: For every eligible container, you receive 10c (15 Crunch credits). You can redeem your cash electronically or use your Crunch credits to redeem on awesome rewards.

Sign up for your free Crunch account to start your journey to a greener future.

Our 100% Clean Recycling services guarantee that your eligible containers actually get recycled.

About Envirobank.

We are an Indigenous-owned company committed to achieving positive environmental and social impact by incentivising bottle and can recycling. Envirobank operates in the NT and focuses on remote community recycling services, and under the Return and Earn container deposit scheme in NSW and the Containers for Change container deposit scheme in QLD.

We make it really easy — and financially rewarding — for people, schools, community groups and businesses to recycle beverage containers using our reverse vending machines, automated depots, smart pods and rewards platform called Crunch Rewards.

By Luka Osborne