Video 17/04/2019

How to: tie Envirobank’s orange bags.

(the right way)

Envirobank’s orange bags are designed to be used exclusively at our depots and Drop’n’Go locations. We created the orange bag to be used over and over and to minimise the need for single-use alternatives (what kind of recycling company would we be if we didn’t care about reducing waste!)

Unfortunately, when the drawstring on the bag is tied into a knot, our processing teams can’t get in to count the eligible containers inside. Sadly, our teams have no choice but to cut the drawstring, to free the trapped bottles and cans, but the bag then can’t be reused until it’s repaired. – Meaning less bags are available for keen Envirobank customers!

This short video will show you 2 easy ways to close your bag, using either the toggle method or the wrap-around method, so it stays in good-knick and can be used again and again!

Looking to pick up some orange bags for your next Envirobank deposit? Here is where to find them.