Article 22/04/2021

Envirobank RVM in Springfield.

Avatar By Amy Wren

We are excited to announce we have installed Queensland’s first Super Kiosk RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) at Springfield Orion Shopping Centre, to provide our customers with a high-tech recycling service!

The new machine pushes the boundaries on recycling innovation and makes recycling all that more convenient and of course rewarding for our community. When you recycle using any of our RVMs your Crunch credits are credited to your account instantly, how good is that!

How does a reverse vending machine work?

The RVM’s work the opposite way to a traditional vending machine. With an RVM, rather than depositing money and retrieving a sweet snack, you deposit your eligible container and bank the refund. Pretty good, don’t you think?

Our RVM’s are pretty picky things. They happily accept eligible bottles, cans and containers but will reject any item not covered by the container deposit scheme. That means we can cut out contamination and achieve 100% resource recovery rates. How awesome!

As for using an RVM, it’s really easy. When our customers deposit a bottle or can, the RVM will scan the barcode on the container, determine its eligibility under the CDS, crush and sort the container. You then scan your Crunch card via your smartphone and you are instantly credited the refund amount. 

Through Crunch, you are also given the option to cash out with a retail voucher reward with Coles or other participating retailers. You can also choose to donate your container refunds to any of our participating charities or, redeem your Crunch credits for some Velocity frequent flyer points for your next getaway.

What can I put in an RVM?

Our machines love empty drink cans and plastic bottles. There are a total of 4 RVM panels available with 3 of them accepting cans and plastic bottles and 1 that even take glass. 

A hot tip for using an RVM.

Remove the lids before you pop your containers in the RVM. Lids are made of a different type of plastic to the bottles, and removing them helps things go smoothly during the recycling process.

Where to find us.

Located at Springfield Shopping Centre – Orion car park at Dock 2, Southern Cross Circuit. We also have friendly staff located onsite to assist you with using the machine available from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Saturday. We hope to see you soon!

Avatar By Amy Wren