Article 10/03/2022

Honestly good dog food company Scratch is rewarding you for recycling

Carol Fung By Carol Fung

Game-changing dog food that puts dogs and the planet first.

We’re excited to bring our Crunch members a new reward for recycling from Scratch!

Scratch is leading a new wave of food that puts dogs first. Their mission? To offer you a new breed of Australian-made dog food. One that’s good for your dog, better for the planet, and easier for you.

The result: The best dog food in Australia – made with whole produce, sustainably and locally sourced meat, 100% recyclable packaging, and free delivery. Scratch is also the first dog food company that has been B-Corp certified in Australia!

What makes Scratch dog food different?

Scratch designs the single best kibble for dogs by cutting out all the middlemen and spending more on the ingredients that help your woofer to thrive. Scratch prices include free delivery*, 2% donations to dog welfare and climate change initiatives, a 100% money-back guarantee and good old fashioned customer service.

Their dry dog food recipes are delicious, 100% nutritionally complete for puppies through to senior dogs and come in grain free dog food and ancient grain options. They even have a large breed dog food recipe for the big fellas. We think it’s the ultimate dog kibble!

Scratch is the perfect mix for dogs with allergies, tummy troubles, or are fed up with average tasting food:

🥕 Whole Aussie produce

🥩 Premium Aussie meat (& more of it)

🇦🇺 100% independent & Australian-owned

📦 Fully transparent labelling

🐶 Fresher food, direct for your dogs

💬 You’re talking to the people who make it

Crunch members, get 25% off your first Scratch order.

Scratch is rewarding Crunch members with 25% off their first order. View the Scratch reward in your Crunch account to access this awesome offer!

You don’t even need to have Crunch credits to access your Crunch member discount. If you do have enough Crunch credits to get a Scratch eGift card as well, you’ll be able to use your first 25% off discount together with your eGift card!

Scratch is on a mission to build responsibly, sustainably and honestly—because dogs would do it for us.

Premium Grain-free Kangaroo Dry Dog Food: A high-protein and grain-free recipe made from sustainably-sourced kangaroo for healthier skin, a shinier coat, a stronger immune system, and all the energy to chase down magpies. Free from artificial preservatives, dodgy meats, and cheap ingredients.

You’ll also be able to select from a range of exclusive accessories and small-batch 100% natural dog treats (made locally, typically out of New South Wales) that you can add onto your order. Scratch also offers Eco Poop Bags that are made from corn starch bioplastic that are biodegradable and compostable – designed to last 4 months!

Biodegradable & compostable poop bag rolls to scoop up those grade A Scratch nuggets! Bag responsibly.

Get 50% bonus value when you redeem your Crunch credits with Scratch.

Turn your Crunch credits into a Scratch eGift card worth $75, redeemable online at Scratch. Scratch is rewarding Crunch members with an extra 50% bonus value!

That means, when you recycle 500 bottles and cans for $50 worth of Crunch credits (7,500 Crunch credits), you’ll receive an extra $25 bonus value on your Scratch eGift when you redeem your Crunch Credits with Scratch. That’s $75 to spend at Scratch!

If you’re an existing Scratch subscriber already, you’ll be able to add your Scratch eGift card to your next dog food delivery.

Remember, if you’re ordering for the first time, to use your 25% off discount code together with your Scratch eGift card for extra bonus value and savings!

How to redeem your Crunch credits on Scratch.

  1. Make sure you have at least 7,500 Crunch credits to redeem a $50 Scratch eGift card (worth $75, with $25 extra bonus value). You can earn 7,500 Crunch credits by recycling 500 bottles and cans.
  2. Select the Scratch eGift card in the Crunch Rewards store.
  3. You’ll receive an order confirmation and your Scratch eGift card will be in your inbox in a day or two.

Paws for the Planet Project.

So far, Scratch has donated over $150,000 to help dogs and the planet. They’re passionate about creating a better, more sustainable world for dogs and the humans who love them. That’s why they donate 2% of their revenue (that’s right, revenue, not just profit) to high-impact charities and nonprofits that focus on dog welfare or the fight against climate change as part of their Paws for the Planet Project.

Scratch is a member of 1% For the Planet and has supported organisations such as Seed (Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network), Rainforest Rescue, OzHarvest, AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities) and POTH (Pets of the Homeless).

Check out Scratch’s 202 Impact Report. They donate 2% of all revenue to support dog welfare and fight against climate change as part of their Paws for the Planet Project!

Join 3X World Champion surfer Mick Fanning and his dog Harper in the Scratch journey.

Pro-surfer Mick Fanning is also a fan of Scratch! So much so, he also invested in the “honestly good dog food” company.

“Harper’s always had sensitive skin and it gets irritated easily. Poor thing scratches herself silly some days. I kept going through and changing her diet to see if I could help her out but nothing seemed to really work until I got her on Scratch”, says Mick.

“The health of dogs is just as important as my health, but it hadn’t been easy to find a business who made decisions that way”.

Harper spent her first 6 months correcting her gut balance on our single-protein Kangaroo recipe and now alternates between that and Turkey, Beef & Lamb for a little variety.

Pro-surf champion Mick Fanning (Scratch customer-turned-investor) pictured with his dog Harper.

Special thanks.

Special thanks to our friends Doug and Mike at Scratch.

Learn more: How Scratch Works

Scratch co-founder Mike Halligan is leading a new wave of food that puts dogs first. “Pet food is broken and we’re out to fix it – from scratch.”

Redeem your Crunch credits with Scratch to receive $25 in bonus value, and shop with your Crunch member first order 25% discount on Scratch today! What are you waiting for? Reward your furry friend and get them on Scratch kibble today!

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Keep recycling and get rewarded with Crunch & Scratch.

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Carol Fung By Carol Fung