Article 26/10/2021

New arrival in the Crunch Rewards store: FoodSt

Carol Fung By Carol Fung

Authentic, home-cooked meals, delivered.

As a female-founded business ourselves, Envirobank is over the moon to be teaming up with FoodSt, founded by female entrepreneur Lorraine Gnanadickam, to introduce our community of recycling Crunch members in NSW (Sydney-based FoodSt currently operates in NSW) to a uniquely different type of meal delivery service. FoodSt empowers passionate home cooks to bring their food and culture to life, and have it delivered straight to your table.

What makes FoodSt so unique is that their meals are not made in commercial kitchens, they are cooked in small batches and to traditional recipes by their network of accredited home cooks. Think Indian, Filipino, Balinese, Zanzibari, Cambodian, Ghanian, Spanish, as well as vegan recipes, made with care and love, delivered right to your doorstep.

Plus, FoodSt are also offering Crunch members an exclusive 10% discount on all orders!

If you’re not a member yet, sign up for Crunch now. It’s free and takes a few seconds.

Recycle, earn Crunch Credits and save time with our Home Collections recycling service.

For our NSW residents in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Canterbury-Bankstown and Central Coast, save time by booking a home collection! Book a contactless pickup and let us do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ll collect your eligible recyclable bottles and cans (most plastic, aluminium, glass and liquid paperboard) from you and credit your Crunch account, which you can then use to redeem on FoodSt in the Crunch store!

How to redeem your Crunch credits on FoodSt.

  1. Make sure you have at least 3,000 Crunch credits. (You can earn 3,000 credits by recycling just 200 containers.)
  2. Select the FoodSt eGift card in the Crunch Rewards store.
  3. You’ll receive an order confirmation and your FoodSt eGift card will be in your inbox in a day or two.

Access your exclusive Crunch member discount.

When we email you your eGift card, we’ll also include your Crunch member discount code to order online at FoodSt.

You can also use your exclusive Crunch member benefit discount at FoodSt, even if you don’t have enough Crunch credits in your account yet. That’s the benefit of being part of our community of recyclers. Check out FoodSt in the Crunch store for access!

FoodSt for Good.

FoodSt have also partnered with Parliament on King, a social enterprise that operates a bustling Cafe and Curry House in the heart of Sydney. Parliament on King specialises in food that comes from the homelands of the asylum seekers and refugees, such as Sally, a Burmese refugee originally from Myanmar who serves three of her famous curries on FoodSt.

Their mission is simple: to make lovely food and by doing so, providing hope and opportunity for asylum seekers and refugees in Australia. 100% of the sales of Sally’s meals go back directly to supporting Parliament on King’s ongoing work to address the barriers to economic, social and cultural participation for this community. 

Order Sally’s home-made meals on FoodSt to support Parliament on King’s work.

Sally, a Burmese refugee originally from Myanmar, “I was born to cook, it’s in my blood. Back home we had a family restaurant and we all loved to cook. The kitchen is my happy place…”

Our FoodSt picks and tips.

Minimum order is $70.00 so we like to order in bulk, store in the freezer and heat up when on during those weeks that we’re incredibly time-poor but want a nourishing, homemade meal.

You can even order home cooked food from French-Australian restaurateur Manu Feildel, a Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Couscous ($30.00), and his wife, Kuala Lumpur-raised Clarissa’s Beef Rendang with Rice ($32.00), each of these personally handmade dishes enough to feed two. 

Clarissa & Manu Feildel meals available on

Special thanks.

Special thanks to our friends at FoodSt.

“Our mission is to empower home cooks and our communities through the goodness of home cooking inspired by their heritage and passions. We do this by providing economic opportunity for our cooks, providing them a platform to earn and showcase their multicultural cuisines and, making healthier, wholesome meals available for time poor households.” – FoodSt

Launch bonus promotion.

In celebration of our launch we’re running an amazing promotion for our Crunch member community!

All Crunch members that place orders on FoodSt from now till the end of November (30 November 23:59pm AEST, Sydney time) will receive two bonus sample meals! 

Check out the FoodSt reward in the Crunch store to access this promotion. If you’re new to Crunch, sign up for Crunch now. It’s free and takes a few seconds!

Keep recycling and get rewarded with Crunch & FoodSt.

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Carol Fung By Carol Fung