Throw away that Magic 8 Ball.

Perhaps we read your mind, or maybe we get asked these questions a lot.
Either way, the answers you’re after may be covered in our Frequently Asked Questions below:


What is an RVM?

RVM stands for Reverse Vending Machine. These are the hungry little machines you might find living in service stations, shopping centres and carparks, waiting to crunch all your empty bottles and cans.


How does an RVM work?

No need to approach with caution, these machines are very friendly.
To begin, make sure your bottle or can is empty and the barcode is visible and intact.
Gently push the container through the opening with the little doors. The RVM might take a few seconds to inspect the container, then you should hear it CRUNCH.
Some of our new machines will have an opening, but no doors. That’s when you may need to insert your container with the barcode facing up.
Once you have finished your deposit, press the green button and select an instant reward on the touch screen. Make sure you wait for your receipt, this shows a record of your transaction and also contains the coupon for your instant reward.
(If you are a Crunch member make sure you scan your membership card first)


What happens to the bottles and cans once they are crushed?

Our range of RVM models can store thousands of containers before they need to be emptied. Once full, our partners from the site will remove the crushed bottles and cans from the machine, ready to be collected and taken to a recycling depot. From here, your bottles and cans have the potential to become anything at all; like stationery, packaging, a teacher, a doctor… (Ok, ok, well almost anything).


Do RVMs accept containers that are already crushed?

Would you accept food that had already been chewed?
Our machines are no divas, but they are a bit fussy. We like them that way because it means zero contamination for our recycling haul. RVMs can only accept eligible bottles and cans that are empty and still intact.
Hot tip: Lids should be removed first, as they are made of a different type of plastic and are recycled separately.


How does the RVM know what’s what?

The RVM uses barcode technology to read the labels on containers. It’s important for the barcode on labels to remain intact and undamaged when your container goes into the machine or it will be rejected.


How can I tell which containers are eligible for recycling in your machines?

Each state carries different guidelines on which containers can and cannot be accepted, particularly in those operating the Container Deposit Scheme, like South Australia and Northern Territory. As a general rule, our machines accept most standard plastic (PET) and aluminium beverage containers from 150ml up to 3 litres.

Here’s a comprehensive list of acceptable containers for South Australia and a list of acceptable containers for the Northern Territory.


What are the benefits of recycling at an Envirobank RVM?

We dream about cleaning up our country, and we know you share in that dream. Returning your containers benefits the earth by reducing the staggering 21,000 bottles and cans that are littered or landfilled every minute in Australia. This also increases recycling rates, avoids the use of virgin material for new products, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and reduces water usage.

We love to pay you for the good you do. Recycling with Envirobank benefits people by offering instant rewards (like discounts at a nearby shop), as well as access to bigger rewards (like movie tickets and gift vouchers) through our rewards program, “Crunch”.
In Container Deposit states, your recycling efforts can also be rewarded with cash (10 cents per container).


What is “Crunch”?

Crunch is the name of Envirobank’s rewards program. When you sign up to Crunch you gain access to our awesome range of rewards. As a member, every time you deposit containers at our machines you can earn Crunch credits. As these credits accumulate you can access bigger and better rewards.
Go on then! Click here to be taken to our registration page.


What are “Crunch credits”? They sound delicious.

Sorry, Crunch credits are not edible.
Crunch credits are loyalty points rewarded by Envirobank for each container you deposit into our hungry RVMs.
1 container = 5 Crunch credits


What about the Container Deposit Scheme?

The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is a program that offers a 10 cent refund for recyclable beverage containers. Envirobank participates in this scheme where it currently runs, in South Australia and Northern Territory, offering 10 cents per container – this is accumulated as Crunch credits and can then be redeemed as cash whenever you choose.
The CDS is due to be launched in NSW in December this year; ACT, QLD and WA are expected to follow. For more information, have a look at our page about the Container Deposit Scheme.


I live in NSW, how will the change to the Container Deposit Scheme affect me?

As we approach the launch of the CDS, Envirobank will be rolling out a range of new recycling options which will make recycling for rewards easier than ever. Once the scheme begins, any containers purchased and recycled after the launch date will earn you 10 cents. As a Crunch member you can earn credits (5 credits is equal to 10 cents) until you wish to redeem rewards or ‘cash out’ through PayPal.


But wait, I still have more questions!

That’s not a problem, we would love to hear them. Please send us an email at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.